We believe that the perfect cup, in addition to the aroma, creaminess, flavour and ideal temperature, is one that carries all the passion of the people involved in this fascinating coffee universe.From the product to the cup, tasted among loved ones, in a pleasant, calm environment that favors conversation or even introspection. Anyway, the magic coffee moment!We carefully select the best Arabica beans, we value the origin and the small producers responsible for producing this special coffee. We seek to carefully reach the full potential of the beans with a medium roast.In addition, we encourage sustainable production and each of our partners from the farm to their cup is concerned with social and environmental issues.
Além disso, incentivamos a produção sustentável e cada um dos nossos parceiros desde a fazenda à sua xícara se preocupam com questões de ordem social e ambiental. Nossa torra é sempre fresca, para que as características desses grãos de altíssima qualidade fiquem mais intensas! Assim como o vinho, o café também pode ser apreciado por suas características sensoriais e não apenas pela cafeína. E pode acreditar, quando você experimentar um café especial, não vai mais querer o café tradicional! No momento temos 2 tipos de grãos torrados: Yellow Bourbon e Brasil Santos. Visite nosso webshop e se surpreenda!


Just choose the coffee that we deliver freshly to your home or office, and if you are giving someone a gift, we will pack with care and love!



Santa Rita Farm - Monte Carmelo

1000 meters altitude

Single Origin - Cerrado Mineiro

Medium Roast

100% Arabica

Caramel and honey notes are present throughout the tasting experience. There is a soft touch of red berries to the taste bringing a balanced acidity which comes through with notes of vanilla and honey. A well rounded body and viscosity is present.

The Bourbon variety is placed among the best in the world for the production of specialty coffees. This is because they make a soft, low acidity and medium body drink, with marked sweetness and chocolate notes, which come to resemble roasted cereals and hazelnuts. For this reason, this cafe offers excellent pairing with chocolates.


A typical mild Brazilian coffee. Developed as a great middle ground among the infinite variety of flavours of coffee drinkers. Not too strong, not too sour, not too bitter, not too sweet but a bit of everything. The roast is medium and the strength is mild. It is a perfect all-rounder that can be used in all types of coffee with the correct adjustment of the equipment.

Medium roast

Acidity 2/5

Bitterness: 2/5

Body: 3/5

Sweetness: 3/5

DO BRASIL Coffee sells Santos Brasil coffee beans that were chosen for their excellent quality and general flavour profile. This makes them ideal for use in places where many people with different tastes drink coffee. Each batch is visually inspected so that the number of coffee beans with small, very large and different color errors is zero. For this coffee, we were looking for a higher quality and bigger bean than other popular coffees. If you’ve been drinking coffee from the supermarket for years, and now you’re looking for something better, this is the perfect stepping stone for specialty coffee beans. Our coffees always have fresh roast, with the roast date indicated on the packaging.

Contrary to what some people might expect, Brazil Santos’s name is not determined by any of the production regions in Brazil, but because the port of Santos was, and still is, hugely the major trading gate from where Brazilian coffee was exported.
The classic term was created in the old days, before the 90’s, when the government of the country used to control their internal market. Coffee was classified as Santos 1,
Santos 2, Santos 3 and so on, but nowadays the Brazil Santos Coffee expression is used to point a high quality, most usually Bourbon, some Arabica, but never Robusta, type of coffee.


Our roasting is also special

The biggest advantage of roasting with a Loring is precision. Roasting profiles are stored digitally, guaranteeing a roast with the same consistency. This gives us more control over the roasting process and the guarantee of the same type of roasting every time.


With the Loring S70 Peregrine coffee roaster, we roast our coffee with the most energy efficient roaster in the world, thanks to our partners we have been able to optimize every part of the coffee chain from the farm to the cup.

The Loring roaster uses 80% less gas than traditional coffee roasters. As Loring does not need an afterburner, much less gas is needed. What is special about Loring is that absolutely everything can be defined in its settings. In addition, the Loring has advanced air circulation. In principle, Loring works like this: the heat is pushed into the drum by a fan. This heat is then forced through the bean bed and removed by a return fan (which returns the air back to the combustion chamber). This process is repeated. Only the drum is stationary and the grain is agitated by rotating blades. The grains, therefore, are not roasted by the conductive heat, but by the convection heat.

According to the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Sensory Evaluation Methodology, used worldwide, specialty coffee is any who scores at least 80 points on the methodology’s scoring scale (which goes up to 100), with the following attributes being evaluated:

  • Fragrance / Aroma
  • Uniformity (each cup statistically represents 20% of the evaluated lot)
  • Absence of Defects
  • Sweetness
  • Flavour
  • Acidity
  • Body
  • Aftertaste
  • Harmony
  • Final Concept (general impression about coffee, attributed by the classifier. Only part of the classifier’s subjectivity in the sample evaluation)

But the grade is not the only difference between the beans. When we are talking about Special and Gourmet Coffee, we must pay attention to some extra care, such as roasting. We know that the type of coffee roasting affects its taste in the cup. The same coffee, in different roasters, will taste differently. This happens because the longer the coffee stays in the roaster, the more natural sugar of the bean is consumed. Therefore, the darker the coffee roast, the less sweetness it will have.
In addition to roasting, there are other important factors to extract the best of this coffee in the cup, such as grinding, preparation method and the water used. With this, you can extract the best coffee, feeling all the flavour, acidity and body, a unique experience.

And believe us, when you try a special coffee, you won't want another coffee anymore! These Gourmet and Specialty classifications are only for Arabica coffee, as the drink made from this species is considered noble due to its complexity of aroma and flavour (sweetness and acidity).
Existem muitas variedades da planta de café Arábica. As mais comuns nas melhores regiões produtoras brasileiras são: Bourbon, Catuaí, Acaiá e Mundo Novo