If you read a little bit about us, you found out that we are 3 women who were united by the bond of love to our roots. The coffee cycle is more than a product for us. It represents the continuity of generations, it is as if they contributed to keep alive our identity, memories and and most precious hopes for a promising future. And one of the best things that life can provide us is to attract people who have the same feeling, because it is in the collective that we are more!

It is at Fazenda Recanto Lobo Guará that we select the special grains from the farm itself but also from the families of small neighboring properties.

The charming family farm is 950 meters above sea level and the highest part is 1020 meters above sea level. Located in the south of Minas, it is close to the city of Alfenas. Our partner, the owner Elvira Alice, a coffee farmer who loves her roots, takes care of each piece of her property with great love and affection, preserving a small forest inside the farm, including one spring that passes through her property into the beautiful Mar de Minas (Lake Furnas). The headquarters of the property is a few meters from that lake.

The headquarters of Fazenda Recanto Lobo Guará, is a few meters from Lake Furnas, also known as Mar de Minas.

The farm has the certification seal of “Certifica Minas” which is coordinated by the Secretary of State for Agriculture. The certification is a guarantee for the consumer that the properties adopt good agricultural practices at all stages of production, also complying with environmental and labor standards. This certification was created in January 2018, and contributes to the quality of agricultural and agro-industrial products, as well as the integration of sustainability in their production systems, providing greater ease for their competitive insertion in national and international markets.



It is with an extreme care for the environment and the farmers that our coffee is grown, in the heart of Brazil, in the region of Cerrado Mineiro. Fazenda Vitória, located in the city of Monte Carmelo, in the State of Minas Gerais has conservation areas, preserving the fauna and flora, and protecting the springs. In the social part, the employees receive all necessary support as well as training and courses so that they can be always updated of their activities.
The farm is in an area of 260 hectares, 950 metres above sea level. They produce around 12 thousand bags of coffee per year, among them is our Yellow Bourbon.
All work developed with the plantations is carried out following the annual planning of the agricultural crop involving the areas of fertility, water and phytosanitary. The farmer receives technical assistance from agronomists who help them in the planning of plantation management by evaluating the need for each plot and determining by means of results of soil and leaf analysis the nutrients that plants demand.região do Cerrado Mineiro

... growing coffee in Brazil since 1880 ... “The future of Brazilian coffee is increasingly linked to its origins and environmental commitment” - Luiz Monguilod, farmer