Do Brasil Coffee was born out of a love of our roots, being moved by the magic of history, the strength of perseverance and the pride of origin. These strong feelings culminated in the establishment of a close relationship with sustainable coffee growers with whom we have built a strong partnership that gives us access to their most special lots for each harvest.

All of our beans are “single origin”, as this way we provide the true experience of the best coffee from Brazil, characterized by the distinct nuances of the already established Cerrado Mineiro terroir. In addition, our own label features beans roasted in the Netherlands, ensuring the freshness and flavor of our coffee.


The founders, Cristiane Bueno and Pollyane dos Reis


A Brazilian descendant of Italians and Portuguese, she arrived on 2000 in the Netherlands shortly after obtaining her degree in Sociology. Pollyane dos Reis is a woman who knows the power and importance of communication, and since she arrived in the Netherlands she has developed a large network of contacts, created and cultivated so that she could show the best of what Brazil has to offer.

Over the past few decades, she has been a part of several cultural and commercial projects, and has become a point of reference both for the Brazilian community in the Netherlands and for the Dutch who had any interest in Brazil. Her work has been recognized and valued in the country, having participated over the years in several projects involving large companies and Dutch and Brazilian authorities.

The pride of her origin is present throughout her professional and personal trajectory, and among so many activities carried out in the Netherlands, in 2015 she organized a first business mission for Brazilian coffee growers to the country … and she never stopped. It was for her a trip to her childhood, where as a girl in the countryside of Goiás she accompanied her great-grandmother Joana to harvest coffee, which after drying, was roasted in a traditional wood-fired roaster.

In 2019, they met coffee farmer Elvira Alice, owner of Fazenda Recanto Lobo Guará, located in Alfenas – Minas Gerais. The meeting was magical and inspiring. Together, they make sure that small coffee producers in Brazil find direct buyers in Europe, thus maintaining a “fair trade” relationship, in addition to contributing to the growth and strengthening of women coffee producers in Minas Gerais

The unforgettable moments shared with Pollyane’s great-grandmother were there, around the coffee plantation and the family link cultivated there always with a cup of coffee. The strong memories of her childhood and the pride of her roots strongly re-connected her with her purest and most sublime origin, and since then she has always cherished sincere and transparent relationships with those who have coffee as the central link of their families for generations.


We want to be a reference of Brazilian specialty coffees in Europe, standing out for our quality, ethics and transparency. We believe that we have a duty to give back to the local communities a little of the dedication they have in caring when producing the coffees they supply us.
That is why all of our coffees, even those that are not certified, come from farms associated with BSCA. This gives our coffees total social and environmental respect.


We are dedicated to small Brazilian producers of family farming in the state of Minas Gerais. We seek to offer solutions for direct sales to those who really love coffee and care about who plants it. For this small producer, we function as an extension of his arm in Europe. We take care of transporting, storing, communicating, sending and receiving invoices, receiving orders and direct selling the coffee they produce to small roasters. We earn a few cents (which always vary) for each kilo sold, we pay for transport and storage, and the rest goes directly to the producer. Transparency and honesty are the basis of our relationship with these producers and those who buy from us.

Pollyane dos Reis


Cristiane Bueno

Sócia / Administração

Elvira Alice

Cafeicultora / Partner